Monthly Archives: November 2017

No Amazon, no mall: Options for shopping locally from the comfort of home

When your love language is gifts, Christmas is golden and Amazon divine. I know. Misplaced idolatry. Yes, my Christian soul cringes. But my Christian soul hasn’t had to park the car a mile away and walk in sub-zero temperatures across an overflowing, icy parking lot only to be confronted by a mall teeming with Santa, […]

Home bakers, start your ovens: The judge’s ruling stands

Wisconsin home bakeries are open for business — and it appears likely it’ll be for good. The State of Wisconsin is not appealing a judge’s ruling that says Wisconsinites can sell their home-baked goods without getting a food license or using a commercial kitchen. That leaves home bakers in Wisconsin free to sell as many cupcakes, […]

Good to Know: Winning WI tech startup limits kids’ social media use

Elevator Pitch Olympics and Small Business Saturday — just two of the ways small businesses get the spotlight this month. But just in case you want to turn your small business into a $50 million company, there’s something in here for you, too. Playing Fields And Social Media Tech Win Big: GymDandy and Pyxsee won […]

Good to Know: Start a movie revolution; Target toy recall

Support women entrepreneurs just by watching movies! See how the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s investigation into Mexican resorts has prompted changes at TripAdvisor to make you safer. And get tips and resources on getting started, from a mom who already has begun. NOT JUST FOR HOLLYWOOD: “So here is my four-point plan for the revolution –and […]

It’s time to plant some ‘evergreens’

There’s no better time for “evergreens” than the evergreen time of year. Evergreens are those lovely trees that dominate our living rooms post-Thanksgiving. “Evergreens” are the things you can do now to get your small business through the holidays, preserving entrepreneurial momentum without sacrificing your quality time with family and friends. 

Good to Know: StartUp Week, ghee and the gift of failure

Good to Know appears every Monday as a compilation of interesting news, events, tidbits and tips that I’ve read about in the past week that I think you might find compelling and useful. Happy Monday!   STARTUP WEEK WISCONSIN: StartUp Week Wisconsin begins today, with events around the state.