Good to Know: StartUp Week, ghee and the gift of failure

Good to Know appears every Monday as a compilation of interesting news, events, tidbits and tips that I’ve read about in the past week that I think you might find compelling and useful. Happy Monday!


STARTUP WEEK WISCONSIN: StartUp Week Wisconsin begins today, with events around the state. Events are free and open to the public, but registration is recommended in some cases. Check out the schedule here. 

GHEE GLEE: It feels almost sacrilegious as a child of the Dairy State to suggest messing around with butter. But if you’re an experimentally inclined home baker, you might want to give ghee a try.

FROM NOTHING TO MILLIONS TO NOTHING TO MILLIONS: An excellent tutorial on making a business out of solving someone else’s problems — and making millions doing so. If you’re afraid of public speaking, this woman might also be a good resource for you.

A few snippets: “Live Wire began in the sunroom of her Alexandria home…. Live Wire revenue went from $1.7 million to zero. … ‘I said if they would take me back for $5,000 a month, I would give them $10,000 worth of hours.’”

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HEEDING THE CYBER SECURITY WAKE-UP CALL: The latest tricks from online hackers and why all business owners should be prepared.

UW-Madison’s Small Business Development Center is holding a daylong course on how to protect your business, on Nov. 29. It’s not exactly cheap — $259 — but if the course keeps your business safe from a cyber attack, it’s going to be worth the price. For more information and to register, go here.

$1 MILLION FOR TECH START-UPS: The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. and Invest In Wisconsin have partnered to offer $1 million for tech start-ups, as well as training, technical assistance and mentoring.

MAKING MONEY AS A ‘MOMMY BLOGGER’: 10 women bloggers who have turned their thoughts into cash, and tips for how you can, too.

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