Good to Know: Start a movie revolution; Target toy recall

Support women entrepreneurs just by watching movies! See how the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s investigation into Mexican resorts has prompted changes at TripAdvisor to make you safer. And get tips and resources on getting started, from a mom who already has begun.

NOT JUST FOR HOLLYWOOD: “So here is my four-point plan for the revolution –and everybody, man or woman, in this room or anywhere in the world — is going to get to help. And this revolution is not just for women. Anyone who has been disenfranchised, anyone who’s story has not been told, the same principles apply, and I really hope we can do the revolution together.”


JOURNAL SENTINEL INVESTIGATION PROMPTS TRIPADVISOR CHANGES: If you want to see how top-notch journalism effects actual change and makes you safer, read this.  If you haven’t been following the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s outstanding , devastating investigation on the dangers travelers face at some Mexican resorts due to tainted alcohol, it’s worth your time to check it out.

TIPS AND RESOURCES FOR GETTING STARTED: Hear from a mom who quit her high-powered job to start her own business, and the seven steps she recommends when you’re starting up.

TWENTY-ONE, PARALYZED AND PUSHING FORWARD: Anthony Zhang already had one successful business going when, as a college student, an accident made him a quadriplegic. Now, as he’s been relearning to reuse his body, he’s also moving ahead with his second enterprise.

A STEP BEHIND: Between 2007 and 2016, Wisconsin’s growth in women-owned businesses lagged far behind the national average, according to the annual State of Women-Owned Businesses report. 

A GOOD REMINDER: Want to make and sell items for kids? That’s a highly regulated industry. Though Target doesn’t seem to have violated U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines, the company is nevertheless pulling these fidget spinners off its shelves.

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