Good to Know: Winning WI tech startup limits kids’ social media use


Elevator Pitch Olympics and Small Business Saturday — just two of the ways small businesses get the spotlight this month. But just in case you want to turn your small business into a $50 million company, there’s something in here for you, too.

Playing Fields And Social Media Tech Win Big: GymDandy and Pyxsee won gold this past week at the Elevator Pitch Olympics in Madison. GymDandy aims to make it easier for sports teams to reserve time on playing fields, and Pyxsee helps parent limit their children’s social media use.

Get In On The Small Business Saturday Boon: Forbes offers some advice on how to convince buyers to “shop small” — buying from locals rather than national chains — during Small Business Saturday.

Simple Rule For Building a $50M Company: It’s pretty easy to build a $50 million company, say a couple of those who have done it — Don’t spend all the money and don’t go into debt.

Milwaukee Couple Converts Office Space Into Inn: Dale Stenbroten and Katy Rowe have never renovated nor owned a hotel. But they’re relying on their marketing experience for various hotel brands to convert a historic-home-turned-office-space into a small boutique hotel┬áin Milwaukee.

7 Tales To Restore Your Faith In Humanity: It’s Thanksgiving week, a time for gratitude and goodwill. The Washington Post asked it readers to submit their true stories of the kindness of others. The result is this “Seven Tales Of Totally Unexpected Benevolence”. Enjoy.

Good to Know appears every Monday as a compilation of interesting news, events, tidbits and tips that I’ve read about in the past week that I think you might find compelling and useful. Happy Monday!



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