Good to Know: You Had Me At ‘Amy Poehler’

Smart girls, new stuff from Amazon, the perils and joys of quitting your job in lieu of travel, and smartphones “helping” us stay permanently connected to work. All that and Wisconsin gets to save Christmas.

SMART IS IN: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey do life right — they’re smart, funny and real, and I’ll buy pretty much anything they’re selling. Now, I’ve just discovered “Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls,” and I’m kind of adoring it. I’ve just started to explore. But a website touting “women we love” and STEM, and hosts a “Fueled by Fear Summit” to mentor young women? I’m in.

WE CAN ALL LEARN FROM AMAZON: Earlier this fall, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was named the richest person in the world. So he can probably teach most entrepreneurs a few things — like, for instance, how not to rest on your laurels. Amazon Web Services unveiled a whole slew of new services at a customer conference this week. Here’s what they’re up to, besides making our Christmas shopping a lot easier.

TRAVEL THE WORLD, SURE, BUT READ THIS FIRST: People actually DO quit their jobs and just travel the world for a while. This guy did. He’s pro- and he’s con on the idea. Before you up sticks and head out to Bali, Columbia or Eastern Europe, here’s his perspective, based on experience. 

ANOTHER REASON TO WORK FOR YOURSELF: About 4 in 10 drivers admit to using their smartphone while driving for work, according to a new survey, because they feel pressured to be available to their bosses at all times.

‘OH (WISCONSIN) CHRISTMAS TREE’: OK, so with or without real trees, Christmas would still go on. But Wisconsin tree farmers are stepping in to help fill a void left by the Great Recession — a lack of real Christmas trees available in some parts of the country.

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