Good to Know: Hello, electric cars … bye-bye, auto shops?

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Is the tax reform likely to pass Congress this week good or bad for your business? Will electric cars kill local auto shops? Those issues and more in today’s Good to Know.

Electric Cars May Threaten Small Auto Shops: The increased popularity of electric cars may good for your wallet — with fewer parts and no need for oil changes, you’ll probably have fewer trips to the local fix-it shop. But that could be bad news for you local fix-it shop, which may have to adapt to survive.

Upper Midwest Best At Keeping Down Debt: Americans may be “drowning in debt,” according to a new report. But it’s worse some places than others.  In Louisiana, 46 percent of adults have debt in collection. In Minnesota, only 17 percent do. Regionally, the upper Midwest fares the best overall. 

Quiz Indicates If You’re Up For 2018’s Business Challenges: Lost job? Graduate school ahead? Gaps in work history? Take this quiz to see if you’re up to the challenges, and how to handle them. 

Lawmaker Hopes To Create State-Certified Beer Label: Wisconsin’s growing hops business warrants creating a special certification for microbrewers made with local hops, says one state lawmaker, who is shopping around the proposal to his fellow legislators.

Upcoming Tax Reform Is … Good? Bad … For Small Businesses: Congress is set to vote this week on a $1.5 trillion tax plan. It’s good for big businesses, but what about for small? Here’s one take, and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s. 


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