Good to Know: Work From Home (For Real) in 2018

Good to Know appears every Monday highlighting women- and business-related news, events, tidbits and tips from around the Internet. Happy Monday!

Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs You Might Want To Try: Lots of ads promise “Make Tons Of Money Working From Home!” They should be viewed with serious skepticism. But there are legitimate work-from-home jobs. A mom blogger recently posted a few options.

WI Woman Wins On Food Network: Stoddard baker Jen Barney is $50,000 richer this Christmas, after winning  the Food Network’s “Holiday Baking Championship.”  Barney owns Meringue Bakery, located just outside La Crosse.

TV Host Quits Over Pay Inequity: In the category of “you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything,” E! News! host Catt Sadler quit her job after learning, during contraction negotiations, that her co-host Jason Kennedy earns double her salary.

UW Offers Grant For Business Plan Training: There’s a big gap between wanting to start a business and knowing how to do it … or doing it well. The University of Wisconsin is offering an entrepreneurial training program to get you from A to B. The program fee is $1,000, but a $750 grant is available to those who complete the two-month course.

New Book Details Historical Muzzling Of Women: Mary Beard’s “Women & Power” gives insight into how women’s voices have been stifled throughout history, including how ancient symbols have been recycled in order to continually limit women’s political power.


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