Good to Know: Will #MeToo Empower Women … Or Prompt Backlash?

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Will #MeToo Put More Women In Power?: The sexual harassment allegations cases that continue to sweep across the nation has some hoping that the wave will lead to more women in leadership positions. Others fear a backlash, however.

Girls On The Run Hosts Powerful Women’s Rights Movie Screening: Girls Night Out, anyone?”Women Like Us” follows three women as they travel the United States and Kenya interviewing other women who are tackling social injustices, from female genital mutilation and human trafficking to teen suicide and education. “Give girls the power to conquer the universe.” The movie starts at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 11, in Madison. Reserve your seat here. 

Madison a Top 10 Metro in Technology: A Brookings Institution study ranks Madison at No. 10 of 100 metropolitan areas in the United States, regarding the number of computer-oriented jobs available and adoption of computer technology in the workplace.

Tax Credits Funding Business Expansion in WI: Led by Foxconn — which is receiving $2.85 billion in tax credits in exchange for pledging a $10 billion investment — businesses eligible for Wisconsin state tax credits are expanding throughout the state. Other notable projects include Kwik Trip’s expansion in La Crosse and Haribo of America’s new plant in Pleasant Prairie.

Extremists Benefiting From Bitcoin Surge: Right-wing extremists and others that include drug traffickers and money launderers, are using the spike in bitcoin value to fund their efforts while avoiding regulation and law enforcement. 



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