Good to Know: Have An Awesome Idea? Get Some Awesome Money.

Two women create a fake man in order to be heard. An Australian cafe owner is charging a “man tax.” It ain’t easy out there for a female entrepreneur.

10 Lessons We Learned About Small Business in 2017: Two women had to pretend to be a man in order to get web developer to listen to them. In 2017. Also, opportunities abound in unlikely places. Just ask Family Video.

School Requests 50 Fill-In ‘Dads’; 600 Volunteered: A Dallas school asked community members to volunteer an hour of time to fill in for absent fathers at a breakfast-with-dads event, so that every child would have someone to serve as a male mentor. They asked for 50. They got 600. 

Madison’s Tory Miller To Appear On ‘Iron Chef’ Wednesday: Tory Miller is already a star chef in Madison. This week he competes on the national stage. The episode features Miller and Chicago’s Jenner Tomaska. The winner will compete against Bobby Flay.

Awesome Foundation Funds Awesome Ideas: The Awesome Foundation is an international organization with local chapters that tries to help awesome ideas come to fruition by gifting $1,000 grants. One of those helped fund the Little Lending Libraries, and now there’s a Madison-based chapter.

Key Numbers For 2018: When is tax day? When can take advantage of the  “catch up” provisions for retirement planning? How old do you have to be to collect Social Security? Those numbers and more are here.

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