Good to Know: Two females, one investigation — How many heads will roll?

Two female journalists who went undercover at an exclusive men’s-only party for some of Britian’s elite say there’s more to come from their investigation. David Meller, chair of the “The President’s Club Charitable Trust” event, already has stepped down. That and more in this week’s Good to Know.

‘Groping and other abuse’: A pair of female journalists went undercover as “hostesses” during an exclusive “men’s only” party for some of Britain’s elite. What did they discover? Groping, grabbing, reaching under skirts … it’s not good.

From pregnant teen to top editor: As a pregnant high schooler, Robin Tomlin was advised to drop out — by a teacher. Next month she becomes the top editor at the News & Observer in Raleigh, NC.

Win big by winning small: Forbes looks at five insights that will help entrepreneurs make this a successful year. Among them — Embrace change and focus more on small victories.

Is this the future?: A Wisconsin company that microchipped its employees (on a volunteer basis), recently explained and defended the move. “Why not us?”, asked Patrick McMullan, the chief operating officer for Three Square Market. “Somebody’s going to do it.”

Stepping in front of the camera: Photographer and mom-of-two tackled her insecurities head-on in 2017, accepting a challenge to photographer herself, once a week, for an entire year. Here’s how it went and what she learned. 

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