Good to Know: Woman entrepreneuring in a male-driven world

By Kirsten Adshead/motherbility

“Ban toxic people. Involve your family. Don’t let inexperience stop you.” Single moms who have started their own businesses speak from experience. That and more in today’s Good to Know.

Single Mompreneuers Prove It’s Possible: Need a quick dose of inspiration? Let these 10 women — all single moms — inspire you with their advice on making entrepreneurship work for you.

The World Is Going To Put Up A Fight: Amy Nelson sat on the floor of the airport, with a laptop, dying phone, breast pump and 9-week-old baby. She’d started her own business to make her world work for her. But the world she left behind kept pushing back.

Mom-blog Authenticity Gives Way To Instagram Perfection: “The shift to shorter posts and an emphasis on likes and hearts has changed the tone and content of what moms find online: more pictures, fewer words, less grit. … Advertising got a foothold and started having more and more say in things.”

Forbes Releases Annual 30 Under 30 List: These men and women are busting through the stereotype that millennials are parent-dependent slackers. They’re changing the way we shop, who we care about and how we participate in the world.

Five Women Talk One Issue — Pay Inequity: The New York Times brought together five women for whom gender-based pay inequity isn’t theoretical — and it isn’t tiny. Among their stories: Getting a smaller bonus than a habitually inebriated coworker and finding out that a male coworker made, literally, twice her salary.

Good to Know appears every Monday highlighting women- and business-related news, events, tidbits and tips from around the Internet. Happy Monday!


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