Good to Know: This could be embarrassing

By Kirsten Adshead/motherbility

British companies are set to divulge whether they pay men more than women, and by how much. Oof. One writer says there’s love lessons to be learned from the stock market. And a successful entrepreneur explains why we should be “enthusiastic” about failing. There’s so much that’s Good to Know.

It’s all coming out: UK firms with at least 250 employees have until April 4 to report on the gender gap in their company’s wages. The companies must report “any difference between the salary and bonus of all of their male employees and all of their female employees on a mean and median basis, the proportion of each gender receiving a bonus, and the proportion of men and women in each pay quartile.”

Live — and die — like this woman: “Mary Frances Fagan — who was known for her mink coats, jewelry and Chanel No. 5, as well as for her dedication to her work and colleagues — had no relatives in the state, but in the past year, her friends rallied around, right up until her dying day, making her death a lesson in the value of friendship at the end of a life.”

For love and money: Whether you’re looking for love or money, it pays to have a plan. It’s one of 4 love lessons couples can learn from the stock market, says personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary.

Go ahead, be wrong: At 26, Maran Nelson already is the CEO of a 24-employee company. So, clearly, she’s done a few things right. Which makes it all the more interesting when she says it’s important to “enthusiastic about failure.”

9 TED Talks for start-ups: “Stand like Wonder Woman.” “Get your timing right.” Forbes has compiled 9 TED Talks aimed at maximizing your effectiveness as an entrepreneur.

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