Good to Know: From Columbine to Parkland, with love

By Kirsten Adshead/motherbility

Melanie Avjean hopes her pillows from Columbine will help Parkland families sleep easier. Also in today’s Good to Know: The importance of being authentic to be a good leader, why women often step up to lead failing companies, the New York City adventures of a Neenah native, and a compelling TED Talk on the need for better maternity leave.

Columbine business sends personal gift to Parkland families: Columbine-area entrepreneur Melanie Avjean is hoping her Flipside Pillows will help survivors of the Parkland, FL, shooting sleep a little easier. Avjean and a group of volunteers are sending her personalized creations to school-shooting families.

Be authentic, be a leader: “The reality was by pushing, by being vocal, by knowing my value and my worth specifically, I did end up getting more money and I did end up getting more of what I thought was my due. The lessons there is if you don’t know your value, you can’t credibly ask for it or advocate for it.” — More from OpenTable CEO Christa Quarles

Women step in to save struggling companies: Women entrepreneurs often agree to head up flagging companies — jobs men don’t want — as an opportunity to take leadership roles they otherwise aren’t offered, says Carol Bartz, who was tapped to lead Yahoo! when it was flailing a few years ago. It’s a phenomenon called the “glass cliff.”

Neenah native builds NYC improv company: Back at UW-Madison, Becky Chicoine admits to being a bit snobbish about improv comedy. But after moving to New York and taking a class just to help with her own writing, Chicoine has found her passion, in improv, of all places.

The case for better post-maternity care: Working mom and author Jessica Shortall  delivers a TED Talk on the reality of American motherhood: millions of women, every year, being forced back to work within weeks of giving birth.

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