Good to Know: Moms, here’s why you’re so tired

Photo by James Forbes on Unsplash

By Kirsten Adshead/motherbility

If you’re a mom, by definition you’re overworked. A new study shows that motherhood is the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs. Also in today’s Good to Know: What’s good for entrepreneurship may be killing business schools, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s.

Moms work equals 2.5 jobs:  Moms, you know why you’re tired? This: “On average, a mother starts her day at 6:23 a.m. and doesn’t conclude duties until 8:31 p.m, working a 14-hour day, 7 days a week.” Sigh.

Big-time donors stall UW’s proposed business changes: The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business recently considered ditching its full-time MBA program … to the dismay of its donors. The plan was scrapped. But the UW is far from the only business school struggling to adapt programming to meet the population’s changing needs and wants.

Typical small-business website attacked 44 times/day: Why does that matter? Hackers can launch unwanted ads, malicious software and viruses that threaten your system … and your visitors’. And small businesses typically don’t have the resources (read: money) to fight off cyber attacks.

The right way to quit your job: Planning to quit your job — either because you have a better prospect, or you’re ready to do your own thing? Here’s how to quit the right way.

Hatch entrepreneurship programs expands across WI: If someday soon, you find yourself trying espresso-, ginger- and red pepper-infused maple syrups from Tapped, a Wisconsin startup, you’ll probably have Hatch to thank. Hatch is an entrepreneurship program similar to “Shark Tank” that is spreading across Wisconsin.

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