Harvard: Defeat gender bias in start-up funding by doing this

Fact: Investors are more likely to fund start-ups led by men than by women. But emphasizing this in your funding pitch can significantly combat that gender bias, according to a Harvard study.

Also in today’s Good To Know: Introducing the Soil Sisters and Colorhouse women, gender-pay lawsuits against Google and others advance, and a survey shows the top challenges facing women entrepreneurs this year.

Social mission helps women-led start-ups win funding: The bad news — gender bias in start-up funding is real. The better news — emphasizing a start-up’s social impact mission can help women-led start-ups overcome that bias, according to a Harvard study.

Do you know the Soil Sisters?: Since 2012, this group has been celebrating Wisconsin’s women farmers. Their annual, three-day Soil Sisters event is a full weekend of family-friendly workshops, meals (pizza! farm-to-table!), and farm tours. Find out more by following this link.

Google, Wall Street gender-pay lawsuits advance: Judges this week allowed two separate cases involving widespread accusations of gender discrimination to continue, one against Google and the other against Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs. Female engineers at Uber also reached a $10 million settlement with the ride-sharing company after alleging gender- and race-based pay discrimination.

Top challenges facing women entrepreneurs: 99designs surveyed more than 3,000 men and women entrepreneurs worldwide. This infographic details the results.

Colorhouse pioneered environmentally friendly paint: Concerned about the toxicity of paint? You probably have this women-led business to thank for your awareness.

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