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Elizabeth Gilbert, genius, "Eat Pray Love"

In today’s Good To Know, the “Eat Pray Love” author details how to survive the roller coaster of creativity. “Is it rational, is it logical that anybody should be expected to be afraid of the work that they feel they were put on this world to do?”

Also today: Recovering from an entrepreneurial disaster, the best industries to launch a start-up in right now, two Madison teen girls are making headway in the hip-hop world, and a women’s-only club is finding success on the coasts.

Elizabeth Gilbert:



How to recover from disaster: How a single day nearly tanked a booming start-up, and how the business recovered.

Ready to launch: Searching for a start-up idea? Here are the top eight industries in which to launch right now, according to Inc. Magazine, which specializes in start-ups.

Madison teens trending as Trend-n-Topic: With a first-place award from an Atlanta-based competition, to their first recording, to upcoming gigs in Los Angeles and the Bahamas, the two teen girls known as Trend-n-Topic are on their way up in the hip-hop world.

No boys allowed: Women-only gym/hangout/workspace The Wing gains momentum on the coasts.

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