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The joy of Lark Gibson’s life: Four businesses and a little boy

Lark Gibson, joyful life

Lark Gibson’s home feels like all is right with the world. That’s a profound feat, given the bevy of activity that happens there: A stay-at-home mom to 2-year-old Leo, Gibson also runs four businesses — offering semi-private yoga instruction in her home; selling doTerra essential oils; and actively partnering in the two enterprises she and her […]

5:1 — Odds are you’ll feel better after doing this today

Did you know that there’s a happiness ratio? It’s 5:1. Researchers studying married couples in the 1970s concluded there is a key difference between happy and unhappy couples: When in conflict, for every negative interaction, happy couples have at least five positive interactions. Five positive interactions to one negative interaction. That’s the 5:1 happiness ratio. […]

Don’t have time to blog? Try these quick hits.

Quick hits

I underestimated May this year. Rookie mom mistake. (Unforgivable, really, given that this is my 10th summer of parenting.) If you don’t have kids in school yet, maybe May isn’t your insane time of year. But, trust me, once your children are school-aged, May reaches a Thanksgiving-to-New-Year’s-Eve level of insanity. You have ALL the end-of-the-year school things […]

Wisconsin entrepreneurship events calendar

entrepreneurship events

Seeking inspiration and support? Go where the other entrepreneurs are! Here’s a list of entrepreneurship events and festivities in Wisconsin, where efforts to boost entrepreneurship are taking off. These are annual events. So if you can’t make one this year, look out for them again in 2019. (Know of an event that should be added […]