The joy of Lark Gibson’s life: Four businesses and a little boy

Lark Gibson, joyful life

Lark Gibson’s home feels like all is right with the world.

That’s a profound feat, given the bevy of activity that happens there: A stay-at-home mom to 2-year-old Leo, Gibson also runs four businesses — offering semi-private yoga instruction in her home; selling doTerra essential oils; and actively partnering in the two enterprises she and her husband, Justin, own (the retail store vomFASS on University Avenue and delecTable, a kitchen-bar concept restaurant the couple opened last year to pair with vomFASS). Together, vomFASS and delecTable also offer a variety of special events and classes. 

Gibson’s home could be a place of chaos, confusion and disorder.

But it’s not. And she’s the reason why.

Lark Gibson exudes joy: Not the rambunctious, giggly kind; the kind that’s born of a deep contentment with one’s life.

Her home is a place you want to be. And Gibson is someone you want to be around.

That’s not an accident. It’s the direct result of how she lives her life.

“From the beginning I’ve always been taught about the law of abundance and you create your own reality,” Gibson said. “So that’s been a huge part of my life.”

It’s a philosophy reinforced through her travels and yoga studies in India.

“India is what happens when you live in the present moment, what magic will happen,” Gibson said. “And so this family asked me to demo on TV all of the yoga poses and the pranayama for their TV show. So the son did all the ayurvedic stuff, and then I did it for about 20 different episodes. So it aired all over the US and the UK. It’s just so bizarre.”

Next came more yoga instruction in Los Angeles, before she returned home to Wisconsin about 10 years ago.

Still, Gibson admits, it wasn’t joy guiding her through the next several years: It was the stability of steady income, working for someone else. Yet, she says, “I just blew through a lot of my fears” over one weekend of personal-growth training.

She quit her job and focused on building her own business.

And now?

“If it brings me joy as I’m thinking about it, I go down that track,” Gibson said.

A few examples —

  1. She caps enrollment in each yoga class at three students: “I play off people’s energy and I like to tune into, ‘What’s literally going on with them today? What is going on?’ So I’ll modify poses based on, maybe they had a really rough day, maybe they had an injury that cropped up last week. So it’s very specialized to their needs, and I love that. Because then I’m truly being authentic, and I’m focused on them and being present with them. And it’s a nice challenge for me, too. It makes it more interesting to me than just doing one sub-sequence.”
  2. She embraces essential oils: “There’s a huge piece of personal development in helping women step into their power, their full leadership capabilities and power and move through fears, because we all have fears. … ‘What do you want to create in the world? What impact do you want to have? And how do you want to be a contribution?’ All things that I love and that feed my soul. So in addition to there being this huge emphasis on health and wellness … everything all comes together for me with the oils.”
  3. Her businesses work together: She uses essential oils during her yoga classes and as part of the cooking she does at delecTable, which also incorporates vomFASS products (Scotch whiskies, balsamic vinegars, oils and wines).

“This is all very on the cutting edge,” she said. “It’s, like, I try to find things from other resources. I’m like, ‘No, no one else is doing baking with essential oils. It’s just me.’ (Laughs). But that’s what makes it fun. It’s very creative, and it’s very fun. Yeah, it’s just a real enriching part of my life, yeah, to help people.”

Four businesses, a little boy (and not to mention a marriage): It all takes tremendous organization.

Gibson spends Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays full-time with her son. So on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when he’s at day care, she’s in full-on business mode.

Time blocking, she said, is hugely important to getting everything done.

And, for Gibson, that includes blocking in time off … time off from work and time off from parenting.

Once a month, she takes a day off. A work day. A Tuesday or Thursday when she could be getting a million things done. On a day she could be oh-so-productive … she stops.

“I go to a yoga class for me. I get some energy work done. I go to lunch with a girlfriend,” she said. “And it is filling. And it really feeds me, it really feeds me for quite a while in the month.”

Self-care isn’t just a theoretical philosophy for Gibson. It’s an attitude she lives.

And, she believes, it’s integral to her success.

“The interesting thing is that when you take care of yourself that way, your energy changes and you become more joyful and because of that you become a magnet,” she said. “So people become attracted to that, like, ‘What are you doing?’ And it’s just an energy change.”

The “ripple effect”, she said, is that she gets more clients.

“You’re living in more joy, and people are attracted to that.”

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