Love your life, every day, by doing this


Perfection, when it comes, just seems to sort of happen.

But what if we could actively create it?

Sometimes, you look around realize that life is just right: the weather is gorgeous, your relationships are strong and your heart is at peace.

“I’m completely content in this moment,” I messaged my friend Sunday afternoon. “Days like this are few, so I’m just going to savor this for a moment.”

I don’t want to leave contentment to happenstance, however. I want to make it happen.

So I spent some time Sunday identifying the source of my contentment and deciding how I … and you .. could experience it more every day. Then I outlined this easy plan to use our morning routines to do just that.

A contented life every day? Yes, please!

Here’s what I realized led to my joyful Sunday: Over the previous 48 hours, I had done something to nurture every aspect of my well-being. (There are a lot of ways to dissect well-being, but I like this one: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual.)

PHYSICAL — The health of our bodies

MENTAL — The health of our minds

EMOTIONAL — The health of our emotional state

SOCIAL — The health of our relationships

SPIRITUAL — The health of our spirit (no matter our religious beliefs)

Some examples from my weekend:

At my son’s very windy soccer game

My husband and I began a 30-day exercise challenge together (PHYSICAL and SOCIAL), and planned and created healthy meals for the week (PHYSICAL and MENTAL and SOCIAL); I spent time with all of my kids and had dinner with a friend (EMOTIONAL and SOCIAL); I washed and dried all the laundry and then my family and I put it away together (MENTAL and EMOTIONAL); and we went to church where the topic of the day was physical health (ALL FIVE!).

It’s little wonder, then, that with all aspects of my spiritual health served, I was feeling pretty great Sunday afternoon.

The trick is to take that principle and carry it into Monday morning, and every day after.

The plan for daily well-being

Incorporate a “wellness workout” at the start of every day, devoting 10 minutes to each area of our overall well-being.

You can do that whichever way works for you. You can stick with a routine, or mix it up.

This is how it looked for me today:

Healthy and yummy breakfast!

PHYSICAL — Ten-minute walk around the neighborhood and a healthy breakfast of hard-boiled eggs, strawberries, whole wheat English muffin and caffeinated flavored water. (Probably should have been plain water, but I’m no saint.)

MENTAL — I actually read the article about today’s Google Doodle guy, and perused the local and national newspapers. (I recommend this article.)

EMOTIONAL — I made sure to wake each of my children with “Good morning! I love you!” Missed my husband on that one, though. Whoops.

SOCIAL — I checked in with a couple of friends who are struggling or going through some big changes in their lives. Made an exercise date with my husband.

SPIRITUAL — I began the day with a devotional, which I rarely do. And I even read the Bible chapter that went along with it. (Which is even more infrequent for me.) I also made my morning walk a prayer walk, saying silent prayers for the people I passed along the way. (BONUS social well-being for the quick chat I got to have with my neighbor as a result.)

That whole process took less than an hour, and mostly incorporated stuff I was doing anyway. I like morning walks. I was already eating breakfast, so might as well make it healthy. “Good morning! I love you!” literally takes two seconds.

The only thing I really gave up was mindlessly browsing the Internet. In exchange for that, I checked in on family and friends. And I feel better for it.

Now, am I having a perfect morning? Nope. Am I still tired? Yep.

But …

I’m feeling more grounded.

I have a plan for the day (that includes exercise, healthy food, valuable work and time with my family).

And I’ve already had two valuable conversations this morning with people I love.

It’s 10 a.m. Monday, and I feel pretty darn good about life.

I can’t wait to see what Tuesday will bring.

(Interested in trying this approach to create a life brimming with contentment? Try it any day and comment below!)

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