An ode to Shel Silverstein (who’s likely dismayed)

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Humor is key to a joyful life.

I’m no poet, but I hope this makes you smile today. I just started writing, and this came out! That happens sometimes.

Side note: This post (probably?) will make more sense if you have read this first. Cheers!


“I cannot write a blog today,”

Said little would-be author K.

My kids are all whining, “School’s no fun!”

The year’s not over. They’re just SO DONE.

They want some breakfast, and — morning time-crunch! —

I feed them that while prepping lunch.

Off then they go, so to my computer go I

And … nope, I’ve got nothing. Zilch. Argh! Ugh! Bleh. Sigh.

Twitter and Insta want to be fed,

And yet, here I am, browsing Facebook instead.

My carpals are tunneled,¬†writer’s block’s on full throttle

I’d down a few aspirin, but I’ve emptied the bottle.

My head hits the keyboard — great, the stupid keys are stuck!

With my kids far away, I shout, loudly, “F(udge)!”

I look at my house; man, it’s in rough shape

Is it still called spring cleaning if you’re two months too late?

The neighbor’s still drumming, but the A/C’s stopped humming,

While the roofer and cable guy promise — really! — they’re coming.

The lawn needs mowing; the boat still needs towing

And now that it’s summer, my winter body is showing.

I really should go to the gym, but I won’t

(On my list of “don’ts/do’s” — l confess — I do “don’t’s”.)

No more distractions. Just write! Stop pouting!

“Fine! I’ll do it!” I say to me. “Just stop shouting!”

So, then, what should I say (that hasn’t been said)?

Nothing. I’m giving up and going back to bed.


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