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You’re an inspiration. Today’s Challenge — Discover how

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A mompreneur friend of mine was given an assignment this weekend, and I liked it so much I’m stealing it for a Motivation Monday challenge today. Here’s the task: 1. List your gifts and attributes 2. Ask others how you inspire them. Seems easy enough, right? Deceptively so. Here’s why I love this task so […]

‘Purpose in the pain’: Dietitian’s own struggle fuels her desire to help

eating well, dietician, nutrition

Tami Schiltz can’t peg her insecurity and nutrition struggles to a specific moment. Certainly, being called a “whale” as a 138-pound high-schooler didn’t help. “You have that one comment that just sticks out at you, and it just kind of created a spiral effect,” Schiltz said. “I did a lot of interesting, not-so-healthy things in high […]

Meghan Skrepenski is Raising Strong Girls … and moms

An overheard comment, a shocked reaction and a follow-up conversation with her daughter. That’s how Meghan Skrepenski’s venture was born. That, plus two months of a friend’s determined nudging. Launched last summer, Skrepenski’s Raising Strong Girls Boot Camps are “a mother-daughter workout program that empowers our girls to be stronger with each other, understanding that […]

Automated parenting and other tips: Mompreneuring on summer break

summer break

Summer break is tough on entrepreneurship. It’s hard to find the time to “entrepreneur” when “mom” is a 24-7 gig. A friend and I were discussing this the other day, and she suggested I write about how I’m managing this summer. Here’s what I’m doing: Automated parenting My daily to-do list for my kids is […]

You get to dream today. That’s actually pretty great.

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It’s easy, as Americans, to take dreams for granted. Both kinds of dreams, really: the images we conjure at night, and the visions we have for our lives. About 1 in 6 children, 357 million kids, live in areas of the war affected by military or political conflict, where often their safety isn’t guaranteed, and […]

It really is all we need

love, All You Need Is Love

When the Beatles and the Bible agree on something, you know it’s a message that resonates. “All you need is love,” the world’s best-selling band sang. “Love never fails,” according to the world’s best-selling book. I had a lot of ideas for today’s blog post. In fact, I’d written 500-plus words that were perfectly serviceable, […]