Summer hard while summer lasts; you can fall tomorrow


“Summer in Wisconsin is so wonderful it fools you into living here the rest of the year.”

A friend of mine said that a few years ago, and I laughed out loud.

Winter is not my thing. I don’t ski, snowboard, snowshoe. Occasionally, I shovel, and only then when there’s just enough snow to require getting rid of it, but not enough to make snowblowing a worthwhile venture.

June, July, August: These are the months for which I live.

And they’re half-over. (Cue my sharply in-drawn breathe of emotional pain.)

summer, Rock Island State Park
Rock Island State Park selfie. Getting there from Madison requires a five-hour drive and two ferries. Worth every minute.

The great thing about being an entrepreneur, however, is that there’s almost always something to look forward to: A piece of artwork you’ve been dreaming up, a book proposal you’re working on, a craft show you’ve never tried before, a new class you’re offering, a project you’ve been mulling that you can’t wait to actually begin.

I, myself, have an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurial moms I’m planning to launch this fall, and I can’t wait to announce it. It’s the next stage in motherbility.

And it’s coming.

But not yet.

Summer is half-done, but that also means that half of it remains.

May I suggest you make the most of it?

For this Motivation Monday, here’s my advice: Check the weather. Find the rain. And promise yourself that, on that day, you’ll go all-in on preparing for fall. (HINT: If you live near Madison, WI, this coming Thursday and Friday look like exceptional opportunities.)

Analyze, now, how well you’ve progressed toward your end-of-year goals.

What do you need to do in September and beyond to finish 2018 on schedule?

What do you need to do now to get September off right?

Promise yourself to do that, whatever it is, when the rains come. Give yourself permission to let the kids watch too much TV that day, or go to Grandma’s, or a sitter’s. Plan a “fall preparation” day.

And then … close your laptop. Put down your tools. Ignore Facebook, even when it warns you that in order to retain your “Very Responsive” rating, you must reply to messages RIGHT NOW.

Stop working today, and summer. Summer hard.

Set up the sprinkler, get an ice cream, take out the kayak, road trip.

Sit outside. Bask in the sun. Actually stop and smell the roses.

As I write this, I am sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan, in one of my favorite places. We’re halfway through a camping trip, and my kids are asleep.

We have no plans for today. I think we’ll eat pancakes for breakfast and probably, at some point, go to the beach.

That’s it, that’s all. And it’s wonderful.

It’s July 16, and summer is decidedly middle-aged. But it ain’t dead yet.

So go out, now, and live it while it lasts.

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