Motivation Monday: This little light of yours isn’t made of dollar signs

This Little Light

“I haven’t really made any livable money off of any of this,” a friend recently told me after I complimented her on the completion of a recent project.

Money, money, money. Gah.

As much as we’d like to be intrinsically motivated, it all seems to come down to that, right? I mean, let’s be honest: If you’re a mom who’s blogging or starting some kind of business, the purpose is mainly to make money.

It can be so tough, though, when you’re working hard, but the money’s not rolling in. When it feels like you’re shouting to the world, “See! I am doing this great thing!”, and the world either doesn’t hear you or simply shrugs in response.

You question yourself, your abilities, your commitment, your dream.

Please don’t.

For Motivation Monday today, I’m asking you to know, soul-deep, that you’re already a success. You’re already spectacular. You’re already a star.

Think of what you have accomplished: You had an idea. You made a plan. You implemented it.

That’s HUGE.

Many an idea withers away in dreamland. You made yours come true.

That can feel like cold comfort when you’re staring at the bottom line of your checking account. I know from personal experience: Motherbility hasn’t racked up millions of viewers and certainly not millions of dollars.

I don’t know that it ever will. And I can’t promise yours will either.

We’re not all going to be the Truth Bomb Mom.

But of this I am certain: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

(Reading that, I’ve often thought, “Umm, how are we defining ‘prosper’?)

We all have a little light inside of us and, wow, are we letting ours shine.

Several times a week, I say some version of this prayer: “Dear God, I don’t always know your plans for me, but I’m trying to follow you. I’m asking you now for clarity, patience and the courage to stay the course. Help me know how to use motherbility to help the world. Help me see your path so that, no matter what motherbility does, it’s doing your work in the world. Guide my steps and help me hear your voice.”

Then I turn on some music and get to work.

My prayer for you this morning, mamas, is that you keep pursuing your dream and that you can look into the mirror today and say with confidence, “Yep, I’m pretty fantastic. Let’s do this!”

Here’s some music to get you started.

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