Motivation Monday: It’s time for a celebration!

Aww, the last week of summer vacation, the time of year I look lovingly at my kids, realize how much I’m going to miss them — and berate myself for all the things we didn’t get done.

I didn’t teach my kindergartner how to tie her shoes. My kids didn’t earn all the library’s summer reading program prizes. I didn’t read with my second-grader every day. I’m not sure my fourth-grader has memorized all her multiplication tables.

We didn’t visit all the Bucky’s around Madison. My kids didn’t run a lemonade stand. We haven’t been do the zoo … or to a drive-in movie … or to the university campus terrace for ice cream … .

We all have that list, right? Reasons we’re a a bad parent or bad spouse or bad entrepreneur or bad person.

“All The Reasons I Just Don’t Measure Up.”

For Motivation Monday, I’m challenging you to throw away that list and write another: A celebration list, aka “All The Great Things I’m Doing”. And, by the way, forget the but’s. “Well, I organized a training session … but no one signed up.” “Well, I opened social media accounts … but I don’t have a lot of followers.” “Well, I organized a family vacation … but it got rained out and everyone was miserable.”

Judgment only keeps you from celebrating who you are and everything you’ve accomplished.

“Quiet the voice telling you to do more and be more, and trust that in this moment, who you are, where you are at, and what you are doing is enough,” author Daniell Koepke wrote.

I’d go further than that: Who you are, where you are at, and what you are doing is excellent.

So, here’s my new summer list.

We played at the cottage. We read books. We started re-landscaping the house. We camped for a week in Door County. My older kids learned to resolve their conflicts without fighting. We got to visit with Granny J for two weeks. My son had a birthday party. We took a ferry ride. We went to the library. We ate ice cream.

I’m calling this my celebration list — “Look at all the things we’ve done!” BONUS: It’s good to have this list in your own mind when your kids start whining about how “we didn’t do ANYTHING this summer!”

Please take a moment this week to make a celebration list of your own.

Fair warning: As Julia Roberts says in “Pretty Woman,” “The bad stuff is easier to believe.”

But please take the time to write down, to celebrate, the good stuff.  Believe it. Because it’s all true.

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