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spring cleaning

I drove with the windows open yesterday. Fifty-six degrees and sunny. It felt like a miracle. Sadly, the gloom of winter returned this morning.

But, having tasted spring, I now refuse to yield to winter. So I’ve decided that if it can’t be spring outside, I’m at least going to embrace the concepts of spring — freshness, newness, hope and possibility — at home.

Today, I am spring cleaning my business. It feels awesome. And I highly recommend you try it.

Now, in some sense, I mean “spring cleaning” literally. This is the current status of my desk:

Notice the box of shredded papers to the left and the pile of yet-to-be-shredded papers to the right. It’s amazing how you can make twice the mess by quitting mid-task. Eye roll. Also, thanks to my son, there’s always a ball in every room of our house. If I took pictures, it’d kind of be like our own personal “I Spy”. “Can you spot the ball in this photo?”

Sometime around Thanksgiving, my daughters’ art projects achieved a coup d’etat of my workspace, and we’ve never really recovered. So today, I shall march in, cleaning products and cloths in hand, and shout, “Order shall be restored! I’ve come to take back my throne!”

(I promise to post the “after” pictures on Facebook and Instagram.)

Messy desk aside, however, I’ve always thought that spring cleaning is physical AND emotional. It’s throwing off the weight of winter, welcoming the sunshine and breathing in new life.

Businesses need that now and then.

So these are the questions I’m asking myself today.

Where am I am with my 2019 goals? Launching motherbility’s new website is taking slightly longer than I’d hoped. I was aiming for March, but it’s looking like April. I’m excited (and impatient!) to introduce it to you all! In the meantime, I’m checking in on my Q2 goals today. If Q1 is “new website,” what comes next, and what should I be doing to prepare?

What am I doing just to do … something? I frequently sit down with other moms who are launching businesses, particularly when they’re struggling. And invariably they end up saying something like this, “I don’t really want to X, Y or Z, but such-and-such website says it’ll grow my business… .”

I find myself getting caught in the same trap.

Yes, there are things we do strategically simply to grow our businesses, things that don’t necessarily fill our hearts with glee. But if whatever you’re doing isn’t authentic to you, then it’s not worth doing. Toss it.

What’s coming up? My child’s teacher just emailed a newsletter detailing everything that’s coming up between now and the end of school. We’re talking two field trips, a field day, an overnight camping trip, parent-teacher conferences … And that’s just for one of my three kids. And that’s just for the “mom” part of “mompreneuering”.

So I’m sitting down, right now, and filling out our family calendar, including upcoming training workshops and conferences. Because even though spring doesn’t officially start for another week, I can already see it flying by.

What would I love to do but haven’t? What’s holding me back? Confession: I have two things I would love to try, but haven’t. One’s fairly small, one’s rather huge. What’s holding me back? The usual. So I’m going to take my own advice:

What concrete steps can I take … today, tomorrow, next week … to make that thing happen? For me — honestly — it’s a couple of phone calls or emails, a bit of internet research, at least for the first thing. So I’m adding those tasks to my calendar.

I’ve found that the more steps I take toward something, the less fearful I am of it happening. Like climbing a steep hill. Halfway up is less intimidating than standing at the bottom.

So just … start. And please let me know how it goes! Comment below!

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