Motherbility 2.0 is here! Inspiration. Connections. Support.

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It’s finally here!

Hi, motherbility fans (old and new!). I am incredibly excited to introduce you to the newly expanded motherbility! Thanks for your patience as we made our improvements.

Motherbility founder Kirsten Adshead

Last year, as motherbility’s reach grew, I realized it was time for motherbility to offer more.

More inspiration. More opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurial moms. More support for you and your business ventures.

Thank you for your encouragement during our expansion process!

Welcome to motherbility 2.0! Here’s what you’ll find on the new site:

Hire A Mom directory

We know it’s hard for most moms running a solo business, frequently out of their homes, to actively seek out (and find) buyers for their products and services.

We also know that people (and not just moms) love to support mom-led businesses. But until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to find those businesses, except by word-of-mouth.

Our solution to both problems?

Hire a Mom — a directory of mom-owned businesses.

hire a mom motherbility madison wi

Are you a mother who has her own business, whether it’s a full-time job or part-time side gig? Add your listing here — for free.

Are you a consumer who needs a product or service — be it web development or jewelry, a family photo session or children’s book? Buy from these moms!

It’s really that simple. And awesome.

New bloggers

We’ve assembled a great team of moms who know from experience the joys and challenges of life as business-owning moms.

Laugh, cry and nod along as they blog about this crazy mompreneuerial life.

(Have a blog suggestion for one of our writers? Or would you like to apply to join our blogging team? Email me at

More opportunities to connect

Running a solo business can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be!

So we’re giving you more chances to connect with us, connect with each other and connect with experts.

Every Wednesday starting at 9 a.m., one or more of us from the motherbility blog team will be hanging out at Common Ground, 2644 Branch St., Middleton WI. Come join us! (We’ll have a sign up so you’ll know where we’re meeting.)

Tell us about your business, ask advice, get sympathy or kudos — whatever you need that day! Or simply come to meet some new people.

Every Wednesday — and sometimes on other days, too — I’ll also be going live on Facebook.

I’ll be interviewing women from our Motherbility Mom series. I’ll be chatting with our blog team. I’ll be bringing in experts to tackle topics you want to hear about. (Email me if you’d like to know about a specific topic.)

Join us! Ask questions, live in the comments, and we’ll do our best to answer.

Motherbility Mom series grows

We know you love our Motherbility Mom series. (We’ve seen the Google Analytics!)

And, great news — it’s back!


We’ll be bringing you more profiles of women who are rocking this motherhood-and-business thing, from moms who are just on the cusp of launching their own side gig to those who already have a successful business (or several!).

(Want to be a #motherbilitymom or know someone who should be? Email me at


Motherbility’s sole purpose is to inspire, connect and support moms who own their own business or have that dream.

So, go ahead, poke around the new site. And, please, tell us what else you need or would like to see here. We welcome all feedback — it helps us help you!

And remember: This is just motherbility 2.0. As we continue to grow, we will be adding even more in the coming months. So stay tuned …

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