Follow your joy and you’re guaranteed success

Find your joy

Asked to draw a picture of success, I doubt your vision would look like this: Me in a coffee shop, sitting alone at a table for six, waiting in vain for anyone else to show up.

“Success,” though, is deeply misleading.

Motherbility founder Kirsten Adshead

When you’re on the right path, every step forward is a victory.

On the wrong path, every step — no matter how well-received by the world — takes you farther away from the place you ought to be.

I’ve recently traveled both roads.

Eight months ago …

As motherbility’s first anniversary neared last September, this website was doing well … better, in fact, than I had anticipated.

The number of page views surpassed my expectations. Our readership was growing.

Yet all the joy I’d felt when I started motherbility was gone.

Motherbility’s role in life is to be a hub of information, inspiration and connection for moms who want to run their own businesses. I’d launched it as a blog, just to get things going.

But a year in, I realized motherbility was in danger of never being anything else.

There’s nothing wrong with blogs. I read and enjoy several. (My personal favorite.) But while blogs are an important part of motherbility, they’re not its sole purpose.

Even worse, I was the only writer, and I realized motherbility was on the wrong path.

Eight months ago, motherbility had become about me.

So … I paused, pondered and ultimately, pivoted — away from the “success” motherbility had found … and toward what I always intended motherbility to be.

I knew there’d be a cost. (For one thing, far fewer of you are reading this than anything I wrote in this space a year ago.)

The reward, however, was greater: I found joy in motherbility again, because it was back on the right track.

Nowadays …

Success = finding and pursuing your purpose. Joy naturally follows.

Motherbility’s current metrics wouldn’t astound the world.

I, however, am giddy with its success — because motherbility is back to being about you.

Our new team of bloggers is awesome. Already, they’ve written about dream fulfillment, how to connect with your kids, and ways to use businesses to better the world.

More than 30 women have joined Hire A Mom, our new directory of mom-owned businesses.

Our popular Motherbility Mom series resumes this week.

And, yes, I’ve launched motherbility’s Mom Hour, a casual chat time with entrepreneurial moms:

Thus far (two weeks in), our “chat time” has been just me, sitting alone in a coffee shop.

But every step forward is a success when you’re on the right path.

So, this and every Wednesday at 9 a.m., you’ll find me at Common Ground in Middleton, WI, ready with a plate of muffins for anyone who’d like to meet up.

Maybe this week someone will join me, or the following week or the one after that.

Me and my joy-filled heart will be waiting. I’ll save you a chair.

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