Summer Survival Part 3: Fun Ideas To Do With Your Kids!

summer survival

Elizabeth Purpero is an entrepreneurial mom who blogs at Abundant Full Life.

Now that you have implemented a framework for your home and created a schedule, you and your kids have the freedom to do fun things while your while business continues to run.

(If you missed the first two installments of this mompreneur Summer Survival Series, find them here: Part 1: Managing Your Home During The Summer, and Part 2: Managing Your Time During The Summer.)

Spending time with our kids without the cares of school and homework can be fun and exciting! Besides creating memories, planning different activities helps fight boredom, builds strong bonds and can bring forth new experiences.

Are you in need of some inspiration? Here are some ideas to have a great time with your kids over the summer:

summer survival

Planned weekly themed outings

Weekly themes and outings keep the summer fresh!

One summer I designated Fridays as “Fun Picnic Fridays” where we packed a picnic lunch and checked out a new park. It was a great way to fill the week with a regularly scheduled activity. 

I planned ahead so I didn’t have to do house work, shop or plan play dates on that day.  It was a day I could count on just being with my children and have fun. 

The picnic days also felt like we were going on a little road trip each week.  I also took pictures of every outing and turned it into a photo book. 

Other ideas you could try include weekly hikes, checking out different swimming places, or bike rides. Just pick a day and a theme and go with it.

Summer library program

Libraries come alive in the summer by offering a variety of programs — and most of them are free! Check with your local library to see their events.

My library offers drop-in art time, weekly free movies or performances and cooking classes, along with story times. My kids like to attend the same program on the same day each week.

Create a summer bucket list

Sit down with your kiddos and brainstorm ideas of what you’d like to do over the summer. Activities could be as simple as watching the clouds or as big as going to Disney World. 

When you find yourself feeling bored or with extra free time, do something from the list. It’s okay if you don’t complete everything. It’s just helpful to generate ideas and to have it on hand.

Summer memberships/season passes

Check out options in your area to join things, like pools, state parks or children’s museums. 

If there is a favorite activity you like to do as a family, it might be cost-effective to get a pass and go as many times as you want instead of paying a daily admission. Memberships give you access to go there as often as you like.


Service learning experiences are a great opportunity for the family and summer time offers a lot more flexibility to fit it in.

I have a friend who takes her kids to a nursing home once a week to read stories to the residents. The children learn a lot about caring for others and giving of themselves. The residents love seeing young faces and sharing stories with children.

Besides nursing homes, you could look for volunteer opportunities at animal shelters, nature trails or parks, libraries or hospitals.


I hope these ideas leave you with some inspiration to find special activities with your kids.

Work must continue for us moms, even when the kids are home. It’s still important to make time for our youngsters — and to give ourselves a break too.

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