Friday, June 22, 2018

5:1 — Odds are you’ll feel better after doing this today

Did you know that there's a happiness ratio? It's 5:1. Researchers studying married couples in the 1970s concluded there is a key difference between happy and...
Quick hits

Don’t have time to blog? Try these quick hits.

I underestimated May this year. Rookie mom mistake. (Unforgivable, really, given that this is my 10th summer of parenting.) If you don't have kids in school...
writer's block, empty pages

Brainstorming Solo — 1 easy trick for overcoming writer’s block

This isn't normally something I'd share. But in the interest of helping others defeat the fiend known as "writer's block," I'll go ahead. I've been...

Motherbility’s Kindness Challenge: How can I help you today?

When church, Chuck E. Cheese and the radio station all say the same thing, you can only respond one way: "Message received. And challenge...
Serenity Prayer, organization, motherbility

Serenity, Courage, Wisdom: A prayer … and organizational tool

I woke up at 4:48 this morning already overwhelmed. Let me tell you about my life right now, so you can understand why. Two weeks ago,...

Embrace the ‘e’ word

The man's comment caught me off-guard. I had been talking for about five minutes with Evan, a fellow participant in a course I'm taking, about...
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‘But I don’t know what to do.’ You will.

Here's how to move toward your ideal life -- even when you don't know what your ideal life is.

Creating a world we want our kids to take for granted

It doesn't matter if "A Wrinkle In Time" is great, good or awful. We're going. Here's why.

Do more, stress less. Here’s how.

If my life was a children's story, its title would be: "The Berenstain Bears And Too Much To Do."

Embrace your ‘get-to’ life

What's your "get-to" today?