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Clothing with a conscience: Look good, do good with Krystle Marks’ Lev Apparel

Krystle Marks

When you’ve spent years as a makeup artist and personal stylist … well, designing fashion is a logical next step. But Krystle Marks’ Lev Apparel, which is launching this summer, isn’t just another clothing line: It’s a financial boost for women in New Delhi, India. For them, Lev Apparel is a pathway out of poverty. […]

Kate Rusi is Wrapped Up In Art

quilting and long arm quilting machine

Motherbility Mom is an ongoing feature spotlighting entrepreneurial moms. Find the whole series here. *** “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard.” — Dorothy, “The Wizard of Oz” Sometimes our yellow brick roads meander a bit before leading us right back home. Thus […]

Dominique Zube — A long, emotional journey finally yields an ideal life

Dominique Zube

Motherbility Moms is an ongoing series that highlights entrepreneurial moms and their businesses. Dominique Zube is exactly where she wants to be. But, wow, it’s been a journey. Zube’s path began in Verona, detoured to New Orleans and North Carolina, but ultimately brought her back home, where she’s surrounded by parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and […]

‘Purpose in the pain’: Dietitian’s own struggle fuels her desire to help

eating well, dietician, nutrition

Tami Schiltz can’t peg her insecurity and nutrition struggles to a specific moment. Certainly, being called a “whale” as a 138-pound high-schooler didn’t help. “You have that one comment that just sticks out at you, and it just kind of created a spiral effect,” Schiltz said. “I did a lot of interesting, not-so-healthy things in high […]

Meghan Skrepenski is Raising Strong Girls … and moms

An overheard comment, a shocked reaction and a follow-up conversation with her daughter. That’s how Meghan Skrepenski’s venture was born. That, plus two months of a friend’s determined nudging. Launched last summer, Skrepenski’s Raising Strong Girls Boot Camps are “a mother-daughter workout program that empowers our girls to be stronger with each other, understanding that […]

Imagicakes: Grace Ramirez’s vision for inventive treats with a Puerto Rican flair

Grace Ramirez chose the right state, albeit unwittingly. Technically, a friend chose Wisconsin for her. But “Forward,” Wisconsin’s motto, could be Ramirez’s as well: It’s the direction she always heads. “I want to break the same, boring concepts that you see of cakes in Walmart and all those places,” she said. “I want to bring […]

It’s never too late to find your ‘thing’: Gauri Bansal is proof

Gauri Bansal, Motherbility Mom

Gauri Bansal found her calling on a shelf at Michaels. “I’ve been looking at this instrument and their woodburning displays for years. And, like, another one of those things — ‘Oh, I’ll do it one day. I’ll do it one day,’ Bansal said. “And then I guess three years ago, that ‘one day’ just happened […]

Single mom: Kay Kratochwill goes it alone, as a parent and entrepreneur

Kay Kratochwill, Feed Your Business

Single mom Kay Kratochwill had her first paying client, plus two potentials. So she decided to leap, choosing to quit her waitressing job to focus full-time on her own business. A better life for her kids? That’s worth the risk.