Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Good to Know: Lighting your child’s entrepreneurial flame

Great news! Following your dreams encourages your child to follow theirs. In today's Good to Know: Specific steps to take to encourage your child's entrepreneurial spirit.

Good to Know: School shootings inspire Baraboo woman’s invention

In the wake of Sandy Hook, a Baraboo teacher thought, "Surely we can do more." So she did.

Good to Know: Strong women inspire even the youngest of girls

From Michelle Obama to #MeToo: Lots of inspiration in today's Good to Know.

Young, diverse, optimistic: Who entrepreneurs are and what they believe

Start-up and established-business owners experience some key differences, according to a new report. But pretty much everyone thinks the government should be doing more to help them.

Judge’s ruling gives home bakers another win

Wisconsin home bakers can continue to sell their goods, without a sales limit, after a judge ruled against a state's motion to reconsider the issue.

Good to Know: From Columbine to Parkland, with love

Parkland shooting survivors aren't sleeping well. Columbine businesswoman Melanie Avjean hopes she can help.

Waiting and hoping: Judge, lawmakers will determine home bakers’ fate

Alisa Hooper walked in ready to present her case ... and walked out empty-handed. That was a good sign.

Good to Know: Moms solve your problem by solving their own

Sometimes the solution to your problem, and your next business idea, lies in your backyard.

Good to Know: This could be embarrassing

Gender pay gaps are about to be disclosed in the UK; the stock market teaches us about love. It's all #GoodtoKnow

Good to Know: Woman entrepreneuring in a male-driven world

By Kirsten Adshead/motherbility "Ban toxic people. Involve your family. Don't let inexperience stop you." Single moms who have started their own businesses speak from experience....