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A tragedy 6 years ago sparked a Fashion Revolution – and my new career

Rana Collapse; Protesters asking "Who made my clothes?"

Julie Godshall is a Noonday Collection Ambassador & Coaching Leader. April 24, 2013 will forever be a day to mourn. Six years ago today, in Bangladesh, 1,134 people died when the the Rana Plaza Building collapsed. Thousands more were injured. I remember reading about the tragedy, and how one detail stood out most of all: […]

Motherbility 2.0 is here! Inspiration. Connections. Support.

new motherbility, motherbility 2.0

It’s finally here! Hi, motherbility fans (old and new!). I am incredibly excited to introduce you to the newly expanded motherbility! Thanks for your patience as we made our improvements. Last year, as motherbility’s reach grew, I realized it was time for motherbility to offer more. More inspiration. More opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurial […]

When life gives you another snow day … dream! WITH your kids.

If you live in the northern half of the United States right now, you’ll know that this last month of winter has lasted 39 years. We’re on our … third? … fourth? … fifth? … snow day of February. Between a vacation we took in early January, previously scheduled no-school days, sick days and the […]

Don’t multitask. Multipurpose.

I’m not talking about multitasking. Lord knows, my house doesn’t seem like my house unless I’m simultaneously doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking dinner and teaching someone to read, multiply or tie their shoes.
I’m talking about multipurposing — the art of making one task work for more than one purpose.