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Follow your joy and you’re guaranteed success

Find your joy

Asked to draw a picture of success, I doubt your vision would look like this: Me in a coffee shop, sitting alone at a table for six, waiting in vain for anyone else to show up. “Success,” though, is deeply misleading. When you’re on the right path, every step forward is a victory. On the […]

A tragedy 6 years ago sparked a Fashion Revolution – and my new career

Rana Collapse; Protesters asking "Who made my clothes?"

Julie Godshall is a Noonday Collection Ambassador & Coaching Leader. April 24, 2013 will forever be a day to mourn. Six years ago today, in Bangladesh, 1,134 people died when the the Rana Plaza Building collapsed. Thousands more were injured. I remember reading about the tragedy, and how one detail stood out most of all: […]

Motherbility 2.0 is here! Inspiration. Connections. Support.

new motherbility, motherbility 2.0

It’s finally here! Hi, motherbility fans (old and new!). I am incredibly excited to introduce you to the newly expanded motherbility! Thanks for your patience as we made our improvements. Last year, as motherbility’s reach grew, I realized it was time for motherbility to offer more. More inspiration. More opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurial […]