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Motivation Monday: The tragedy and lessons of Quake Lake

Quake Lake

This Friday marks the 59th anniversary of the tragedy that killed 28 people and created Quake Lake. Haven’t heard of it? You’re not alone. “How have we never heard of this place?” I asked my husband last week, during our anniversary trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone national parks. “What’s Quake Lake?” asked Steve, […]

You’re an inspiration. Today’s Challenge — Discover how

Inspire, inspiration

A mompreneur friend of mine was given an assignment this weekend, and I liked it so much I’m stealing it for a Motivation Monday challenge today. Here’s the task: 1. List your gifts and attributes 2. Ask others how you inspire them. Seems easy enough, right? Deceptively so. Here’s why I love this task so […]

Automated parenting and other tips: Mompreneuring on summer break

summer break

Summer break is tough on entrepreneurship. It’s hard to find the time to “entrepreneur” when “mom” is a 24-7 gig. A friend and I were discussing this the other day, and she suggested I write about how I’m managing this summer. Here’s what I’m doing: Automated parenting My daily to-do list for my kids is […]

You get to dream today. That’s actually pretty great.

dream, Fourth of July, Motherbility Mom

It’s easy, as Americans, to take dreams for granted. Both kinds of dreams, really: the images we conjure at night, and the visions we have for our lives. About 1 in 6 children, 357 million kids, live in areas of the war affected by military or political conflict, where often their safety isn’t guaranteed, and […]

It really is all we need

love, All You Need Is Love

When the Beatles and the Bible agree on something, you know it’s a message that resonates. “All you need is love,” the world’s best-selling band sang. “Love never fails,” according to the world’s best-selling book. I had a lot of ideas for today’s blog post. In fact, I’d written 500-plus words that were perfectly serviceable, […]

Feeling like you can’t? Identify your can.

Can, Motivation Monday

Yesterday afternoon, my 9-year-old daughter was stuck. And frustrated. “Ugh! Mooooommmmmm!! This stupid video game won’t work!” I sighed, deciding to set aside my standard “We don’t use the word stupid”, and calmly asked her what was wrong. “I have to do THIS, but this stupid game won’t let me do it! So you can’t […]

Beyond lemonade: Using summer to teach life skills, entrepreneurship

children entrepreneurship

As a parent, I will actively nourish in my children the characteristics of entrepreneurship — the desire to solve the world’s problems, the confidence to believe that they can do it and the self-discipline to follow through. Here’s my plan.