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5:1 — Odds are you’ll feel better after doing this today

Did you know that there’s a happiness ratio? It’s 5:1. Researchers studying married couples in the 1970s concluded there is a key difference between happy and unhappy couples: When in conflict, for every negative interaction, happy couples have at least five positive interactions. Five positive interactions to one negative interaction. That’s the 5:1 happiness ratio. […]

Don’t have time to blog? Try these quick hits.

Quick hits

I underestimated May this year. Rookie mom mistake. (Unforgivable, really, given that this is my 10th summer of parenting.) If you don’t have kids in school yet, maybe May isn’t your insane time of year. But, trust me, once your children are school-aged, May reaches a Thanksgiving-to-New-Year’s-Eve level of insanity. You have ALL the end-of-the-year school things […]

Thank your village — and then be theirs

Thank your village; Monday Motivation

Thirty-five miles from here, my husband and children ate breakfast without me yesterday, so I could write in a quiet house. This spring, a friend’s landscaper-spouse is helping us diagnose the problems with our yard. And this summer, three groups of friends are watching our children for a week so that my husband and I […]

Brainstorming Solo — 1 easy trick for overcoming writer’s block

writer's block, empty pages

This isn’t normally something I’d share. But in the interest of helping others defeat the fiend known as “writer’s block,” I’ll go ahead. I’ve been writing professionally in some capacity or other since 1996. Most of my experience is working for daily newspapers — and when you work for a daily newspaper, you don’t get […]

Motherbility’s Kindness Challenge: How can I help you today?

When church, Chuck E. Cheese and the radio station all say the same thing, you can only respond one way: “Message received. And challenge accepted.” Sometimes the universe whispers. Other times, it whacks. This was our Sunday morning: The day’s sermon focused on cheerful giving as thanks to God for his many blessings. After church, […]

Serenity, Courage, Wisdom: A prayer … and organizational tool

Serenity Prayer, organization, motherbility

I woke up at 4:48 this morning already overwhelmed. Let me tell you about my life right now, so you can understand why. Two weeks ago, I learned that we’ll likely have to renovate the master bath of our rental property — even as we’re finishing up replacing all the windows. Then our minivan broke […]

Embrace the ‘e’ word

The man’s comment caught me off-guard. I had been talking for about five minutes with Evan, a fellow participant in a course I’m taking, about why we had joined the class. I explained a bit about motherbility, and he smiled. “Oh, so you’re an entrepreneur,” Evan said. I, very briefly, hesitated, then replied, “Yes.” That […]