Wednesday, February 20, 2019
This Little Light

Motivation Monday: This little light of yours isn’t made of dollar...

When the money's not coming, self-doubts creep in. But please appreciate what you've accomplished: You had an idea. You made a plan. You implemented it. That's HUGE.
QuickBooks, accounting

To QuickBooks or not to QuickBooks: How to decide

Lots of entrepreneurs start businesses without having advanced knowledge of accounting. That makes "Do I need QuickBooks?" a popular query. Here's some expert guidance on whether QuickBooks is right for your business.
a mom bloger's "Sick"

An ode to Shel Silverstein (who’s likely dismayed)

"I cannot write a blog today," Said little would-be author K. (A mom blogger's "Sick.")
Thank your village; Monday Motivation

Thank your village — and then be theirs

Thirty-five miles from here, my husband and children ate breakfast without me yesterday, so I could write in a quiet house. This spring, a friend's...
writer's block, empty pages

Brainstorming Solo — 1 easy trick for overcoming writer’s block

This isn't normally something I'd share. But in the interest of helping others defeat the fiend known as "writer's block," I'll go ahead. I've been...
weekly plan, setting and achieving goals

Goal achievement made easy, with this weekly plan

Monday Motivation is a new feature that runs -- surprise! -- on Mondays, as a way to keep you, me and all of us,...
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How To: Open a business checking and savings account

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article is part of motherbility's Start-Up Kit for Start-Up Businesses. Note: This article addresses business checking and savings accounts. Motherbility will discuss...
work from home, moms, stay-at-home moms

Working from home with kids in the house? Moms share how...

It's one thing to run a business. It's quite another to run a business while you're surrounded by kids.
business opportunities, brainstorming

‘But I don’t know what to do.’ You will.

Here's how to move toward your ideal life -- even when you don't know what your ideal life is.

How To: Get a federal tax ID number

You may not need a federal tax ID number, but you probably want one. Unless you like handing over your Social Security Number and just hoping for the best.