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Good to Know: Woman entrepreneuring in a male-driven world

By Kirsten Adshead/motherbility “Ban toxic people. Involve your family. Don’t let inexperience stop you.” Single moms who have started their own businesses speak from experience. That and more in today’s Good to Know.

Good to Know: Two females, one investigation — How many heads will roll?

Two female journalists who went undercover at an exclusive men’s-only party for some of Britian’s elite say there’s more to come from their investigation. David Meller, chair of the “The President’s Club Charitable Trust” event, already has stepped down. That and more in this week’s Good to Know.

Good to Know: First they marched, now they’re running

The numbers of women seeking political office this year are staggering. Meet the woman behind Two Men And a Truck and the two — yes, two — woman craft brewers in Milwaukee. And small businesses are getting behind mandated paid time off. All that and more in this week’s Good to Know.

How To: Name your business

“A good business name is the title of your story, it’s not the whole story, ” said Nancy Friedman, a San Francisco-based professional business namer. “But you don’t want to hamper yourself at the outset with a name that isn’t pulling its weight.”