Saturday, April 21, 2018
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An ‘incredibly unprecedented situation’: Lisa Kivirist on home baking in Wisconsin

"We have a judge's ruling saying that selling home-baked goods is legal, but we do not have a law." Lisa Kivirist on what happens now.

Judge’s ruling gives home bakers another win

Wisconsin home bakers can continue to sell their goods, without a sales limit, after a judge ruled against a state's motion to reconsider the issue.

Waiting and hoping: Judge, lawmakers will determine home bakers’ fate

Alisa Hooper walked in ready to present her case ... and walked out empty-handed. That was a good sign.

State files new challenges in the home-bakers lawsuit

The state of Wisconsin is continuing its push to limit the sale of home-baked goods. This much hasn't changed: A judge's ruling that home bakers can...