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Motherbility 2.0 is here! Inspiration. Connections. Support.

new motherbility, motherbility 2.0

It’s finally here! Hi, motherbility fans (old and new!). I am incredibly excited to introduce you to the newly expanded motherbility! Thanks for your patience as we made our improvements. Last year, as motherbility’s reach grew, I realized it was time for motherbility to offer more. More inspiration. More opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurial […]

Meghan Skrepenski is Raising Strong Girls … and moms

An overheard comment, a shocked reaction and a follow-up conversation with her daughter. That’s how Meghan Skrepenski’s venture was born. That, plus two months of a friend’s determined nudging. Launched last summer, Skrepenski’s Raising Strong Girls Boot Camps are “a mother-daughter workout program that empowers our girls to be stronger with each other, understanding that […]

You get to dream today. That’s actually pretty great.

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It’s easy, as Americans, to take dreams for granted. Both kinds of dreams, really: the images we conjure at night, and the visions we have for our lives. About 1 in 6 children, 357 million kids, live in areas of the war affected by military or political conflict, where often their safety isn’t guaranteed, and […]

It’s never too late to find your ‘thing’: Gauri Bansal is proof

Gauri Bansal, Motherbility Mom

Gauri Bansal found her calling on a shelf at Michaels. “I’ve been looking at this instrument and their woodburning displays for years. And, like, another one of those things — ‘Oh, I’ll do it one day. I’ll do it one day,’ Bansal said. “And then I guess three years ago, that ‘one day’ just happened […]