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Motivation Monday: How kindness wins the world

Teaching kindness

Today at least, this story ends with a $296 check. It started with a flood. On Aug. 20-21, 11 inches of rain dropped on Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas, killing one man and destroying homes and vehicles. Among those left homeless and without their cars were two elderly people, a man and a woman. […]

Motivation Monday: Live as citizens of heaven

Citizens of heaven

Searching for inspiration a few weeks ago, I came across this: “Above all, you must live as citizens of heaven … ,” which Paul wrote in his letter to the Philippians. Isn’t that beautiful? Can you imagine? How often do we get weighted down by the realities of life? Even when we’re happy and all […]

Motivation Monday: It’s time for a celebration!

Aww, the last week of summer vacation, the time of year I look lovingly at my kids, realize how much I’m going to miss them — and berate myself for all the things we didn’t get done. I didn’t teach my kindergartner how to tie her shoes. My kids didn’t earn all the library’s summer […]

Motivation Monday: The tragedy and lessons of Quake Lake

Quake Lake

This Friday marks the 59th anniversary of the tragedy that killed 28 people and created Quake Lake. Haven’t heard of it? You’re not alone. “How have we never heard of this place?” I asked my husband last week, during our anniversary trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone national parks. “What’s Quake Lake?” asked Steve, […]

Automated parenting and other tips: Mompreneuring on summer break

summer break

Summer break is tough on entrepreneurship. It’s hard to find the time to “entrepreneur” when “mom” is a 24-7 gig. A friend and I were discussing this the other day, and she suggested I write about how I’m managing this summer. Here’s what I’m doing: Automated parenting My daily to-do list for my kids is […]

It really is all we need

love, All You Need Is Love

When the Beatles and the Bible agree on something, you know it’s a message that resonates. “All you need is love,” the world’s best-selling band sang. “Love never fails,” according to the world’s best-selling book. I had a lot of ideas for today’s blog post. In fact, I’d written 500-plus words that were perfectly serviceable, […]

Feeling like you can’t? Identify your can.

Can, Motivation Monday

Yesterday afternoon, my 9-year-old daughter was stuck. And frustrated. “Ugh! Mooooommmmmm!! This stupid video game won’t work!” I sighed, deciding to set aside my standard “We don’t use the word stupid”, and calmly asked her what was wrong. “I have to do THIS, but this stupid game won’t let me do it! So you can’t […]